Alright. So I just attended Disney Traditions which was my first official day of work!

I need to hop on a bus soon to go to the store, but I’m so geeked about what I just experienced that I couldn’t wait to post the pictures and say a little about what I just experienced!

I took a short bus ride over to the back of Magic Kingdom where we met at Disney University! We were broken up into random groups and taken to different classrooms. Again, we were asked to turn off our cell phones to preserve the Disney magic, so I didn’t get very many pictures but everything I witnessed was MORE than magical.

Our facilitators were great! They were very funny, lively and resourceful. One of them looked, talked and walked like Barack Obama. But he was white.

After about an hour of talking about the integrity of the company, our group was handed an ear piece so that we could hear our facilitator without him having to yell. We then walked just down the street to take a bus to actually enter the Magic Kingdom theme park through the utilidors, or “underground Disney” (but I can’t speak much on that).

It was exciting to see some of the CP’s face light up when they saw the castle for the first time. I will have to admit, dressed up and walking around Disney with an ear piece and sunglasses in made me feel like I was part of the secret service or something. I kiiiiiinda felt like a bad ass.

After that, we made it back to DU where we watched some more videos and talked more about the history of Disney. And then, “whaddayaknow”, Mickey Mouse came in to hand us our official name tags!!

I have one more day of Orientation before I receive my uniform and can start working at World of Disney!!

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